Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary Nuffnang...

Guess what? I just got signing up for Nuffnang yesterday and I was surprised to get this very first email from Nuffnang...
I have seen most of the bloggers have Nuffnang ads on their blogs and it's never come across my mind to bother about it until yesterday I had surf the Honestly, I was impressed when I read about the growth story of Nuffnang that make me to surrender as one of the Nuffnang supporters. Never thought that I signed up on Nuffnang 2nd Anniversary... Ok, I not purposely chosen yesterday because it's Nuffnang 2nd Anniversary. Indeed, I really don't know it is until I got that very first email from Nuffnang...

I am glad that I can be one of the Nuffnang supporters as I found out this blog advertising agency really impressed me. Congrats to the founders of, Mr. Timothy Tiah & Mr. Cheo Ming Shen on their succeed... All the best to


  1. hola...

    you've been tagged...


    and re-link me @


  2. >>> Amiey Alen <<<
    Thanks for tagging me. I already done it before under post entry " I Love 25". ;)
    I already link your new blog. :)

    ---Sweet Lavender---

  3. Ya, we have to support Malaysian brand. But Nuffnang seldom gives ads to me leh...

  4. >>> jam <<<
    Yeah.. Support Malaysian brand. ;)