Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paintings in the sky...

Far north in the night sky, a faint glow appears on the horizon. Green and red flames of light stretch across the sky. A glowing curtain of light forms, waving and swirling above you. As the lights fade away the dark night closes over you once again.

Aurora Borealis... Does anyone of you familiar with this name?
The 'aurora borealis' is also called the Northern Lights, the dancing fluorescent ribbons that light up the night sky...

The aurora was named after the Roman goddess of dawn, and was long thought to be produced by sunlight reflected from polar snow and ice, or refracted light much like rainbows.

Best Time to Watch...
The "Northern Lights", at their most dazzling from December to March when nights are longest and the sky darkest, can usually be seen even as far south as Juneau.

Best Aurora Viewing...
The aurora is most active late at night or early in the morning, when the sky is clear and the air chilly. The best time to watch is in spring and fall, especially February, March, September, and October. One of the best times to look for the Northern Lights will be when it is dark because of a new moon. So, you might start to plan now if you wish to see it too... ;)

'It's become one of my dream to witness this unique phenomenon with my loved one... Well, there are lots of things I wish to do with my partner and I hope I can make all of them come true.. one day... i wish! As I mentioned before, I wish to do something special which can create special memories of both of us...'


  1. actually you can even see it here in south pole. since im living in almost the antarctic division, i can sometimes see the green flash

  2. >>> Jerine <<<
    Wow! That's great! I hope one day I can see the colorful combination of Aurora Borealis. Anyway, thanks for your information. :)

    ---Sweet Lavender---

  3. Wish we had this here.. AWESOME!

    by the way, do update my feed and blog link. Thanks.

    Cyril Dason @ cdason

  4. >>> cdason <<<
    Yep, but if we had it in Sarawak.. soon it become not special as we get to see it always. LOL~ I already updated the your blog link. Thx for letting me know. Happy blogging! :)

    ---Sweet Lavender---