Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pimples... Go away!

Not again... My pimples is back! This time even more worse... Maybe because the food I eaten? Or the wrong product I use? Or STRESS? Emm... I think all these when blend together then *tada*... Pimples will come for partying on my face! Well, I think the main cause is Peanut! :( I really can't eat peanut as the pimples love peanut so much... Last few days, I had eaten the peanut with my nephew. Then the next day when I woke up in the morning... Looking at the mirror! Goshh.. The pimples is appeared as much as the peanut I eaten a day before... When I count.. count.. and count.. It almost the same total as the peanut I eaten. Sound ridiculous? But that's the truth! -.-" I think start from this moment I really should band any peanut related products in my food list...


  1. ... or maybe it's that time of the month? hehe

  2. >>> One Other <<<
    It's not.. If girl, sure ppl will predict it's 'that' time of the month.. hihi^^

  3. Roar..... I'm missing "someone" so badly!!! Will i get pimples for that???


  4. >>> Val <<<
    Not that bad I guess.. Missing ppl wont get pimples unless u eaten peanuts while missing that person. ;)

  5. Ooo... No peanuts for you anymore hahaha...


  6. >>> Irene <<<
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Lucky that peanut is not my fave food. ;)

    ---Sweet Lavender---