Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hope he get well soon...

Do you believe in dreams? Well... Try to not! But last night I had weird dreams where at first I felt happy then followed by unhappy... And that happened today when I heard good news and then bad news... The good news is about my job where I not gonna too stress after March... Hopefully!

Bad news... Ok, this really make me feel sad and make me moody whole day today... but still I wanna share with you all... Hoping that you all can do me a favor... I just got the news that one of my ex-student was involved in accident last Sunday and his condition very unstable and in unconscious mode. I feel guilty that I only got to know about this today!!! Yesterday, I bumped into his classmates and they told me that he was involved in accident.. Since I was too rush for something else then I was not too bothered to ask further as I thought it won't be too serious... until today, one of the teacher called me and ask whether I would like to join to visit him in the hospital.. then only I know he was seriously injured...

The accident news was on the newspapers.. I blamed myself as I not really read newspapers and not to ask further about him from his friends yesterday...The incident happened last Sunday, 10am. He and his friend were walking along the road (on the way back home from football game ) when he got knocked down by
'stupid driver' that didn't drive properly. After the car rammed into him, the impact of the incident caused him to be thrown into the air before he knocked against the front mirror of the car and then fell onto the road. According to the police initial investigations, he might have been dragged off as far as 95 metres from the spot where he was knocked down. Can you imagine how fast was that 'stupid driver' drove? This caused serious injury on his head and body... And he's now laying unconscious on the hospital bed.. To all, please do me a favor after you read this.. Take a few seconds.. Pray for him so he get well soon...

He used to be my naughty student when I taught him last year... But still I like him very much as he always cheer me up with his naughty action... Sometimes, he will act guilt when he found out that I not bother him in class due to his naughtiness... Then, he will start to pay attention and try to get my attention in class... Unlike other naughty students, he is very obedient when he met the teachers outside the class...

' KongLP, I hope you get well soon... Everyone is waiting for you! You must be strong... I want to see naughty KongLP back to school... Your friends are waiting for you... 2C class is waiting for you... same as well all the teachers in the school... your parents, your siblings, all family members... and of course me too, your ex-teacher, Ms.SP... We love you, KongLP! Gambatte! '


  1. they say if you tell other people about your dream then it will not happen in real life

  2. >>> Jerine <<<
    But the thing happened even before my dream.. Maybe it meant to be happened.. Just hope he get well soon..

  3. Wish he will get well soon, and you too, cheer up!

  4. Never heard of people allergy to peanuts before...

  5. >>> jam <<<
    Thanks jam. I believe he will.. :)
    Maybe I am the one & only that allergy to peanuts? LOL~