Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What is the feeling been bullied? I am wondering why to give someone that not capable to handle the task... which in the end somebody else have to follow up the things that already messed up! Not to blame the person... Not to complaint on it... Not to show my unsatisfactory... But just to point up something that can be changed since the beginning.

"expression without words"

In fact, I am so thankful that I am given this opportunity to show that I am more capable than the person even though I am too lack of experience and just a newbies in that arena. Indeed, I found out that I am very good to help people to settle up the messed...

"I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything; "I will try" has performed wonders...


  1. Dun worry la babe, is normal that we are always got to do works of others. I ever had the same thing happening too at my previous office, So just be patient la ya.... *hugs*

  2. I gonna make a very short comment. When you complete something other can do you prove ur worth and value haha... Of course sometimes it includes finishing other ppl's dirty work but it's the experience that counts. Happy working ^^

    By the way, Do i know you from somewhere? Ur blog name seem so familiar... I felt like i seen it somewhere along the road.


  3. >>> Sharon Lim <<<

    Thanks gal.. Yea, I am dealing very well with it. No worry be happy! *hugs*

    >>> Val <<<

    Yeah, you're right Val. I realized that I am more capable than him.. :) I don't think so we know each other.. Emm.. Maybe someone that sharing the same blog name? Haha.. Happy working to u too..

    ---Sweet Lavender---