Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last night, my BFF and I were having supper with a friend which just came back from Bintulu with his boss. And we hang out till 2 am something and chit chat about everything. At the beginning, his group of friends (2 couples included his boss) joined us for the supper. There are 7 of us and my BFF and I not really know his friends.. Feeling so awkward! But somethings that really caught our attention which create up our own topic...

His boss and his friend (business partner) both came with a lovely lady. Wow! This caused many question marks pop up in my friend eyes... *Bling Bling* Haha! But I already knew the story about his boss.. *winks* For the other couple, I think they looked like a normal couple. So, I never bothered! As they busy talking about business stuffs, my BFF and I also busy gossiping about the boss... We are open what? Talk in front of them somemore! LOL~ Actually, not really open as we sat close to each other then we just whispered. My BFF very eager to dig out about the scandalous! Well, in the end I found out my story version not totally 100% correct! -.-" Cant blame us as we really cant join in their complicated business topic! Grrrr..

Around 11pm, both of the couples leaving to their 'heaven'... Privacy! 1st question pop up by my BFF, "The girl is your boss wife ar?" My friend just smile and answered, "His girlfriend!" Then I asked, "Not his 'small' wife?" As before this I ever met up with the boss & the girl with a baby boy! He answered, "NO! How can marry 2nd one if the 1st one still." I just -.-" then asked," How about another couple? Normal couple or it's another..." The topic became hotter and hotter after that..

Ok! Let me conclude everything to make it clear here. The boss and the business partner both having affair outside! So good become boss huh? At the aged 40++ still can have girlfriend that same aged as me, 26! Darn living in heaven! The boss even have 1 baby boy with the girlfriend and they yet not MARRIED... See! What happen in this world nowadays? The lady is young and she's beautiful but why she want to ruin her life to have affair with people husband which only can spend a little time with her. Is it money can satisfy everything? -.-" My friend told me that the girl always called him up just to check where's her 'boyfriend' when they go for traveling. I can feel she's also living in unhappy situation.. everyday worried there will be 3rd person appeared.. But we never can predict what happen in future! But she still lucky that the 'boyfriend' bought her double storey semi-D, car and give her monthly allowance... and she no need to work at all! Whether their relationship secure or not, that will be another episode is her life...

As for the boss, my friend did told us that the boss sometimes also stress to face both of his "loved one" and always spend time with my friend to share his problem. (The problem that he created his own! -.-") And I feel sad for his wife as she doesn't know the husband have young 'girlfriend' and baby boy at other place. Maybe she's the type not to care much about what his husband doing when go for traveling. So the morale of the story, stick whenever your husband go! LOL~ Do not too obvious, maybe sometimes you should go together with your husband for his business trip. So called 'honeymoon' after marriage? :)

All I can say is this kind of relationship really tiring all parties; the husband, the wife and the 'girlfriend'. Maybe for my friend's boss case, the wife not really suffering so much as she doesn't know the husband affair. Honestly, I felt pity for her! And the boss himself feel the stress to fulfilled both his 'loved one' and even have to arrange his time travel far away to meet his 'girlfriend' once a week or once in two weeks? In the same time, he have to hide this secret with him...bear the feelings of missing his 'girlfriend' and his son. Well, this is the risk/consequences to having affair! For the 'girlfriend', she is the most suffering i guess. (If only she truly loved his 'boyfriend'.) She can't own him completely, worried to be found out by his wife, worried the appear of 3rd person (another new 'girlfriend'), no status in her relationship, no status for her son.... And does the relationship lasts forever?

What do you guys think after reading this?

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  1. ok i tell u wad ah...heheh the secret is..when married and got baby,don make urself liek don care of looks or fashion..maintain,look beautiful everyday..if u don care of how u look after u married n have baby of coz hubby go wild lo cos remeber last time why did ur hubby fall in love wif u..its becozs of looks rite..ehhehe...if ugly already the feeling like sien liaw ma ehhehehe..dats y i control my food n still wear nice nice put make up even i got baby and married now ehehehhehehe..waaa first time i post comment so long..anyway,thanks for dropping by my blog hehe

  2. the first week i moved to australia i met my boyfriend. at that time he has a fiance, a local girl. they were in relationship for 4 years so practically everyone knows that they are an item. then he started dating me. he assured me that he will break up with his fiance but because she's mentally ill, he decided not to rush things. so i had to be in relationship with him secretly. one day, in a friend's birthday party, he kissed me in the public. everyone got shocked. the news went to his fiance and spread in the whole uni. everyone start labelling me as a slut, whore, bitch and whatever. because i'm new in uni, i have no friend because everyone thought i'm the slut. a year has passed and everyone still think i'm the whore. no one knows that their relationship was not stable to begin with. and it's not my fault that my boyfriend was the one who woo me first. i really pity the second wife, so called mistress

  3. >>> prettychellereena <<<

    Thanks for sharing your secret. Haha! No longer secret liao since it posted here. *winks*

    >>> Jerine <<<

    For ur case is different. They dont really know what happened and which caused misunderstood! Well, I hope everything will be clear soon.. I'm at your side gal! :)

    ---Sweet Lavender---