Thursday, January 15, 2009

Live well... Love much.. Laugh often!

Boss walked into the office one morning not knowing that his zipper was down. His secretary walked up to him and asked, "Boss this morning when you left your house, did you close your garage door?" This was not a phrase that her boss understood, so he went into his office looking a bit puzzled.

When he was about done with his paper work, he suddenly noticed that his Zipper was not zipped up. He zipped up and remembering what his secretary had told him, finally understood. He then intentionally went out to ask for a cup of coffee from his secretary. When he reached her desk, he said, "When you saw the garage door open did you see my jaguar parked in there?" The secretary smiled for a moment and said, "No, Boss I didn't. All I saw was a Kancil 600 with 2 flat tires."

"It's just another LOL..."


  1. Lolz... thanks for starting off my day wit a really good laugh. I laughed so hard that i'm a min close to insanity ... JK. How as ur sleep? I hope i was sweet eh. I fall asleep while sms-ing "someone" lolz...


  2. Gosh...this was good....a really good jokes to start off for those who are moody....

  3. <<< Val >>>

    Glad that I had made your day! Laugh always but don't till too close to insanity.. :P I had nightmare! But, it's just a dream. So, wont think too much about it. I used to use sms-ing tactic to make myself fall asleep last time. Haha! U too? :P

    <<< Sharon Lim >>>

    Yeah.. My intention is to cheer up those who are stress with work! Including myself too! :P

    ---- Sweet Lavender ----