Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's just another day...

"2009 Lunar New Year"

Nothing much to say. It's just another day... Life is like a book, each page represents each day in our life. What am I saying? Alright... I'm not emo, just feeling numb at the moment. Why? Something's on my mind? That's right! The things that I don't wish to happen... Kind of upset to know that but this is life! Not every moment that we gone through will be sweet and beautiful. It's not always happy ending in the end of every chapter... Life must go on!

Believe it or not today is my 1st day stepped out from my house since the day I back from work on the new year eve. And I got my very 1st angpow(red packet) today at my BFF house! Now I realized that I'm getting old already! (Every year repeating the same phrase!) LOL~ Actually at my aged, when go for visiting, they usually won't give any angpow because we're no longer little kids or teenagers. This is a hardest truth to be heard! Objection!!!! Haha! But when think about it, it's true also as we already have our own career and got our salary/bonus as "angpow"! But this year, I dint get any "angpow" from my boss instead a big stack of paperwork to be completed before end of this month. Thank you boss!

Here are some photos to share with you...

Have you ever eaten Natural Vegetables Chips?

Here you go! It's 100% made of vege's!

Preserved Strawberry! It taste sweet & sour.

It's me! LOL~ Isn't she look cute? I love kids!

2008? Printing error? LOL~
But it's my 1st angpow for Moo's year!

* Sorry for the low quality photos as i forgot to bring my digicam with me during the visiting. -.-"


  1. 2008? Haha! I think they recycled, not printing error. Shows some people can be backward. LOL.

  2. omg..i can't resist those chinese new year cookies!

  3. Oh my, just dropping by here to repay your visit and here I am.. staring at photos of FOODS!!! OMG, I'm starving right now but I gotta wait till my partner gets back. We're supposed to go for dinner together. Uwaaaaaa!!

    But anyway, lovely photos!

    Cindy @

  4. >>> One Other <<<
    Yea, I also think they recycled! >_<
    Maybe cuz they like 2008 more?? LOL~

    >>> Jerine <<<
    I only managed to take some photos of the food which attracted me. Too bad I dint bring my cam with me, else there'll be more photos to share with u all. ~>_<~

    >>> Lulla <<<
    Thanks for dropping by..
    These photos of junk foods only!
    Your dinner will be more great later..
    Anyway, love your pinky page so much. *winks*

    ---Sweet Lavender---