Monday, January 12, 2009

Raining oh raining...

It's been third day raining non stop at my place.. Arghhh.. Supposed today is my 1st day to report on duty... But since my working place area flooded, then today is another holiday for me! Hopefully the rain will stop soon, else I don't think I still can go to work tomorrow. It will be another lazy day for me...

"I'm now as gloomy as the sky... Raining non stop in my heart..."

Tears are an expression of grief... These few days I dropped my tears as heavy as the rain outside! Till when I have to face all this dilemma? I thought today will be the new beginning in my life as I can keep myself busy and flooded with workload... But at last, it's still another hard day for me to face...

And I am start to think much now... Why would you do this to me? Why would you be heartbreaker and troublemaker in my life? Why would you start something that would mess everything? Why? Why?... There are too many "Why" on my mind now... And only you the one that can give me the answers... God, please give me strength in facing all the obstacles in my life journey...


  1. Worry won't solve your problems so why worry and think so much about them. Life suppose to be enjoyed. Live life to the fullest and life will take care of all the worries for you.

    I used to worry so much but now i learned a lesson of life that is each problem come wit a solution or more so dun worry about things that are out of control. Be focus and solve them confidently. Only by staying calm and focus that you will be in control of it.

    Instead of starting ur question with "why", replace them all with "Thanks for"
    Eg; Thanks for doing this to me. / Thanks for being a heartbreaker ... / Thanks for starting something that would mess everything. Learn from it and move on wit life coz there is something better that is installed for you.

    Remember, when one door closed, another opens.

    Take care,

  2. Yeah,you're right Valen.. That's what I'm doing now.. Accept the fact things already meant to be happened, left it behind, and move on! I believe there are somethings better waiting for me... when one door closed, another opens! Exactly! Thanks for dropping by...

    ---Sweet Lavender---