Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Emo Moo's New Year...

This year indeed is silent, lonely, emotional moo year i ever had! What happen? I really not in the mood at all.. Hence, it should be a great celebration with family & friends... When I watched the fireworks on the countdown night, I feel myself drown with my own emo. I stood in the rains and without I realized my tears dropped... I intend to capture some snapshots of the fireworks but turn out nothing in the end..

On the 1st day.... (1st called from my BFF@ sis)

9.30 am...
"Hi babe, Xin Nian Kuai Le! Come visiting to my house..."
Emm.. Yea.. Happy Niu Year! Later ok? I just wake up & not yet shower.
"Ooo.. Okok! Must come ya.. Wear pretty pretty & hang out at my house...I wait oh..."

"Hey, why not yet show your face? Busy get angpao ar?"
Err.. Raining o..I lazy to go out.. If the rain stop later, I go over ok?
"This girl ar.. So many execuses one..Make sure I see your face later. Else I kidnap you tonight!"

7.30 pm...
The phone ringing again. But I was in emo mood & I dint pick up the called. -.-"

"Babe, thanks for being too concern to ask me to come over your house.. But, I am very sorry to turn you down.. I never meant it as I really don't want to show my moody face & I also don't want to cheat u by showing my fake smile. I know you can see through... And I don't want to spoilt your new year just to comfort me. I rather to lock myself in my room... "

My day end up chatting on MSN with one of my friend till 2 am something. Being too emo the whole night until I finished up one big box of tissue paper... -.-"

"Babe, thanks for being a good listener. I knew that my problems just annoyed you. But i don't know to who else I can confess my feelings except you."

On the 2nd day....

I've been rejected few calls today. As I don't want to go for visiting with my moo's eyes. Maybe I should just turn off my phone but I don't want to let some of them worries as I never turned off my phone at all, 24/7 standby. But, I really want to be alone today. Not enough with the current emo, I was shocked to find out the things that I don't wish to know. Not to reveal it here. It's really doubled my emo but anyhow I had promised myself that I'll be alright...

p/s: Dear J... ILY@IMYSM eventhough you hurt me so much today... break my heart into thousand pieces. I hope that what I heard was not real & it was just a misunderstanding.


  1. hahaha...i guess i'll add you to my lonely-people-during-chinese-new-year list. looks like i'm not alone

  2. >>> Jerine <<<

    Thanks for dropping by!
    Your page is great..
    Make me LMAO when read the post "My boyfriend cheated on me".

    ---Sweet Lavender---

  3. Hi. Thanks for visiting, and for the link. I've linked you right back. :-)

    Hope u get better today, emo-wise. Everyone seems to be down these past few days, including me. Donno why. But look up, like u said, you know 'who holds your hand.'

  4. >>> One Other <<<

    Thanks for dropping by babe!
    Yea.. Hope we all get better day today and days ahead. :)

    ---Sweet Lavender---

  5. Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you are alright now. Happy Chinese New Year to you! GOD Bless.
    Eileen (www.eileenyap.com)

  6. >>> Eileen <<<

    Babe, thanks for dropping by!
    I'm alright..This's life!
    Not always the happy things happen. :)
    Happy Birthday to you! God bless..

    ---Sweet Lavender---

  7. Thanks for dropping by mine. You cheer up too!

  8. >>> jam <<<

    Thanks jam.. I will!
    Have a nice day ahead. :)

    ---Sweet Lavender---

  9. hai there Sweet Lavender..

    1stly..thanks for the comment..yup, we are at the same feeling right now..but believe me, there is a reason behind all of these.. so, hope u'll okay soon and take care ok..


  10. >>> Sharon <<<

    Thanks babe! I'll be alright.
    U too take care ya..

    ---Sweet Lavender---