Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yeah... I'm indecisive!

Dont ask me why as I really don't know why? What I can say is that I'm indecisive... If you get to know me, you'll know what I mean... Believe it or not, I can spend more than an hour time just to choose between two things... Sometimes my friends will get very annoying when go shopping with me... But most of my bestie know my 'style' and that's why they are in my bestie list... LOLz... That's why I need a boyfriend or partner whom can stand with my attitude and can help me to minimize the time for me to make decision..

My last ex-boyfriend done a very good role when he decided everything for me and I am satisfy with the final decision... Well, I also think myself very weird too... That's me! After the final decision, I won't regret with it and not even think about it after that... And sometimes when it's become too critical for me to choose, I will take both... For some cases, I rather not to choose both items and when I got home... My mind will me 24 hours thinking about it and I will keep on regreting about it until I can get back to the shop to buy the item. This is really a bad attitude... My friends or even some of the salesgirl ever said that I will hardly to choose my future life partner too... Hahah... Hopefully not when I really met the right one! :)Why I suddenly thinking to post up this topic? Hahah... The story come out like this... It's because the incident happened this morning when I went to shop for some accesories for myself... It was the Swarovski crystal bracelet...
And I took almost an hour to decide which combination of colour and the type of beads pattern that suit me... and this give chance for me to get to get know another new friend... Haha! She was working in that shop and she entertain me and I can see that she's very patient with me... :P Until an hour later, her boss came out and warned me to make my decisions a.s.a.p as I was disturbing his worker to do her job... This really make me unhappy! I was thinking to get away from the shop without buying the thing... But when think back the girl spend time entertained me that I changed my mind... But I think it was not wrong as during the hour no customer enter the shop, and I have right to spend my time longer to pick the best choice!

Grrrrr... Really hate that old boss!!! I won't recommend my friends to come to that shop! And at last because of that old boss spoilt my mood, then I just pick the combination of soft pink and clear crystal. Well, no choice because I love pink! The other combination would be pink and purple but then it looked so contrast that cant really focus on the pink... I hope I made a right choice... :S My mum said it suit my skin and me myself still think it just nice only... Nevermind, next time can try other combination of colour and just make sure not go to the same shop again! Emmm.. I named my new Swarovski crystal bracelet as "pinkfairy"...

The morale of the story... If you are indecisive just as me, please refer the Swarovski colour chart before proceed to the shop to pick the right combination of colour... ;) I just did this survey just after I back from the shopping... LOLz..

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