Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I love April Fool...

Sorry for the crappy updates that I have been posted before... as I am very really truly busy with my job... How I wish.. (How I really really wish...) To escape to a place that NO ONE can find me which enable me to take a long break as long as I want... At this moment, the only place exist is 'My Zzzz @ Dream' which only few hours a day... I WANT MORE.... :S

And today is 1st of April which I never forget that it's APRIL FOOL... No matter how busy I am, you... you... or anyone of you will not able to FOOL me... If you don't believe, try me then! LOLz... It's been long long long time ago I've been fool.. Kind of missed it... But I can't pretend to be fool just to give you chance to fool me... Hehehe! Every year, I wont missed to get a victim to be fooled. Only one... then it's enough... Sorry babe to be chosen as the lucky one this year... She's the 1st one greet me "Happy April Fool!" this morning... and less than half and hour later she became my 1st victim... LOLz... She's kind of blur but still it create a cheerful morning for all of us to start our working day...

Less than 4 hours... So, try me now! I want to be a victim... Hahah.. Maybe I am lucky not to be fooled during April Fool but it's even more unlucky when you get to be fooled in your love life... I rather to be a victim for April Fool but not in love... Happy April Fool everyone!

p/s: If you just want to fool me in love matters, I beg you... Please stay away from me. I can't bear any heartache...


  1. your post didn't load on your page. i can't read what you wrote

  2. >>> Jerine <<<
    Is it? But I viewed it, it can load properly... U mean for the latest posts or the rest also? :S Hope it's only temporary problem... Coz I can't figure out the problem...Maybe you can try refresh the page..

    ---Sweet Lavender---