Monday, April 13, 2009

Online Boutique

Yesterday went for shopping with my bestie... Not purposely to accompany her as I am as well need to do some shopping for myself to attend my another bestie wedding which on coming June. Cant wait for the day to come as she's my bestie among all my bestie... Congrats M babe! Before this she had "booked" me become her bridesmaid but at last canceled as I could not make it to come to her place during the wedding gown fitting... and at last her sister become her bridesmaid. Well, I missed out the chance but yet my another bestie want me become her bridesmaid too... Maybe I only can be a bridesmaid and never be a bride for the rest of my life... Nooooooo...

Okay.. Back to the shopping topic.. Yet I still can't get for myself the dress to attend the wedding... Why so hard to do shopping for the dress? Well.. Let me be more specific! I am looking for the dress either in pink or purple colour, not too sexy, not too conservative and must look elegant! Haha.. Ok, why must pink or purple? Not because I'm too obsess towards those colour.. It's because the theme colour for the wedding is pink or purple, that's the reason! It's too hard for me eventho I love pink so much... When I found the colour that I want, yet the dress not the type that I want... When I found the type of dress that I want, sure got problem with the colour... :( Helpppppppp!!!!

My friends had suggested to me to try search it online. I spent whole day sitting in front my computer surfing the net. And still I can't find the dress that I want... Hemmppph.. But I found one site that's really great! The fashion available at that site caught my attention.. If I found the website early I am very sure that I will overspent! HAHAH~ The clothes available there all looks gorgeous! It absolutely suit my taste... And I am about to do my first online shopping here. I still couldn't find the dress I want as some of it SOLD OUT... but there's still few clothes I like and I already placed my first order. Well, feel free to visit the website... Malaysia Online Boutique - Irenelim Fashion. I like it! How about you? ;)

Irenelim Fashion


  1. Her clothes are too popular and always sold out, must subscribe to RSS or check regularly to avoid disappointment, hehe...

  2. >>> mang0 <<<
    Thanks for dropping by. Yeah.. I already subscribe. Hehe.. I had missed out lot nice clothes coz I just got to know the site yesterday. :)

  3. i went to the site. can't find anything i want. those i want are sold out :(

  4. >>> Jerine <<<
    Same same.. I found out lot nice dresses in the site but all those that I like sold out. Just hope there'll be more and more new stocks come soon.. Do come visit always so that you won't missed out again. ;p

  5. Hello, glad you all like my clothes. Yes, I will continue to source for new clothes and put up on my online boutique. Hope will continue get your support.

    Thanks and best regards :)

  6. >>> irenelim <<<
    GOod stuffs surely people like... Yaya, source for many new clothes. Then for future, I don't need to go out to do window shopping.. ;)

  7. Come to my online boutique... many new clothes are up for grabs! :)