Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chivas Mixed Green Tea?

Chivas? I ever been fooled by my ex-colleague whom had told me that chivas is one kind of soda drink and it won't make the person drunk. Hahah.. It was few years back when I still have O% knowledge towards all those alcoholic drinks. Now don't ever try to fool me on those achoholic drinks!

Usually when I drink chivas mixed up with coca-cola or sprite, in the end I'm still alright... But last few days when I drink chivas mixed up with green tea, only drink for few glasses.. I already felt strange.. Not fly high in the sky... Just that I feel something wrong and few minutes later... I had to rush to washroom... Errr.. I think you can guess what happen next? I had vomit badly... I was wondering is it because my body can't accept the mixture of the chivas and green tea? It was totally spoilt my entertainment night!

It's strange as my friend told me that green tea can help to reduce the drunk. But what happen to me? I even more worse when I drink chivas mixed with green tea... Maybe I should do some research on it to find out the reason... Well, for the next time, I must remind myself not to drink chivas mixed with green tea... Err.. But still I prefer chivas mixed with coca-cola which taste nicer to me.. Hehe.. Just make sure that I am not boom boom shake shake in the club... ;p


  1. Wow, haven't tried this kind of mixture yet. :)

  2. >>> irenelim <<<
    Thanks for dropping by. I also feel weird at 1st when my friend told me that usually drink chivas mixed with green tea.. Well, i had a try but my body couldn't accept it.. Hehe..

  3. Is it alright to mix chivas with green tea? Never heard that before...

  4. >>> jam <<<
    my body can't accept it.. my friend said it's common to mix chivas with green tea.. she said can reduce drunk.. she ok after drink it.. i think depends on the person body.. u may try next time.. ;p

  5. I don't like chivas with green tea too.. Prefer it with softdrinks like Coke or sprite ;)

  6. >>> ahlost <<<
    Me too ahlost.. *Five* ;)