Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Adventure: The North Island Volcanic Plateau

I had received an email from my net friend couple weeks ago, regarding his latest adventure to the middle of the North Island with some nice photos of volcanic plateau attached in the email... Just do some sharing with you all. Emm.. I think he wouldn't mind.. :p

Here is the short description about the journey (taken from the email) :
" ...In March, couple of my work mates travel to the middle of the North Island to go on a 20km hike through our volcanic plateau. This walk is described as the best one day walk in New Zealand as it passes through couple of volcanoes reaching the height of 1900 metres above sea level. We started with the shuttle dropping off at the start of the track at 7am and didn’t finish until 4pm. So it is a very long walk. Many many people do this walk every year especially during the warmer months as it is not covered in snow. I hope the photos will show you how beautiful some of the scenery is.... "

Honestly, I feel grateful to know him as my net friend... Indeed, he is a great friend and always share with me his traveling adventure and we get to know each other through the same hobby- traveling... And we share the same dream too - that is to travel all around the world... Seem that he started the journey first before me... Thanks for the great photos Ivan... :)


  1. Wow.. Interesting netfriend.. I never have one.. Great netfriend you've there ;)

  2. 18 DAYS till I go to New Zealand. Woohoo!!!!!!

  3. >>> ahlost <<<
    Yeah ahlost.. hard to find nowadays, lucky to have him as one.. hihi..^^

    >>> Jerine <<<
    Wahhh.. Another holiday trip for u.. Envy! Envy! How I wish I also can traveling always like u do... Enjoy ur trip Jerine.. Do update the great pics in ur blog.. ;)