Saturday, April 4, 2009

04.04.09... It's just another Saturday!

4th of April 2009... 04.04.09

It's just another Saturday and nothing much interesting things happen today... Today is the actual day for "Qin Ming" and I decided not to go anywhere tonight as I don't feel to go out too. One of my friend of friend invited me to go out tonight and I had rejected him.. He was quiet mad that make me feel a bit annoying as he made assumption that I don't want to go out with him because my friends not going out too... Gosh... What a very-not-matured thinking!

As I wake up this morning, I got a sms from my bestie to cancel this morning shopping plan... Ok great, I can continue my sleep a bit later but few minutes later... I got a called from another bestie asked me out in the afternoon... See... I really must walk out from my room... It's been nearly 4 months I have not meet her since last December... It's been 4 months also I kept her belated birthday present which I should hand in to her last Christmas.... Hahah! What a belated gift... -_-" Okok.. Not my fault as both of us busy with our work... What a lucky day today that we can arranged this meeting.

Nothing much we talked about... She just complaint to me that her engagement ring not longer fit her finger as she getting more "cute" now... Haha.. So, the conclusion I made is her fiance treat her very well and I not need to worry about this bestie... I still remember how she sleepless for almost one week to decide whether want to accept the bf proposal... Not that she not love the bf but is because she too love the bf. Why I say so? Because I know the reason why she took for that long to make the decision... Why? My answer still the same... Because she loves the bf so much. Ok... Let's end this topic! You soon will know why when the time is come... -End-

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