Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Common Misconception About Smoking

MYTH: "Mild cigarettes are a healthier option."
FACT: They are no less harmful. It's also important to look at how you smoke; if you take heavy puffs on a low-tar cigarette, you'll take in a large amount of nicotine.

MYTH: "I might over-dose on nicotine through NRT (nicotine replacement therapy)."
FACT: If you use NRT as directed, you will absorb less nicotine than you would from cigarettes.

MYTH: "I don't smoke much so I'm not addicted."
FACT: Addiction can be judged by "time to first cigarette." If you're heavily addicted, you'll need a cigarette within the first 30 minutes of waking up.

MYTH: "I'll gain weight if I quit."
FACT: You might be tempted to replace cigarettes with food once you've quit, but avoid this trap. Regular exercise and healthy eating will keep those kilos away.


  1. guess what...i'll lost weight if i stop smoking. funny right?

  2. Smoking is bad.. bad.. bad.. bad...

    and its expensive. Better spend the money on food or other sort of entertainment. :D

  3. >>> Jerine <<<
    Maybe bcoz' you keep on eating when you stop smoking? LOL~ Nvm.. Do it slowly.. ;)

    >>> cdason <<<
    Yea.. That's why I always ask my-bf-to-be to quit smoke if he really want to be with me as I allergy to the smoke. :p

    ---Sweet Lavender---