Monday, May 11, 2009

Stop For Being Disrespectful!

Oh gosh.. It's just less than 24 hours Mother's Day had passed... Why do you so dare yelling at mom like tat just for that small matter..??? It really hurt me, then what do you think the impact towards mom? Even though on her face, she still can smile... but we never know how hurt is it inside. I thought you just different from other siblings but still you are the same...

Dear my all brothers, I hope you remember this,

I hope you can repent for being disrespectful towards mom... Mom, no matter what happen, I will always love you & you are the best I ever have in my life!

p/s: I hope one day I would not witness the same situation where your children done the same as what you had done today! As I can see your kids are more spoil & disrespectful... Maybe you are just a great role model for you kids! Just go ahead!!!

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