Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poor Monkey...

Poor Monkey... May it rest in peace. *Amen*

My daddy found this poor monkey lay unconsciously at the roadside after been hit by the car when it try to cross the road to get the papaya which plant at my neighbor area opposite the road. :( Usually I always can see group of monkeys hanging on the trees in the jungle which just behind my house. And this is the first time I see it so closely but it's dead... May it rest in peace & my condolences for the family members of this monkey. Next time please look left & right before you cross the road to get the papaya ya...

More photos of Monkey... Dead Monkey. :(

p/s: My mom always cursed the group of monkeys for stealing the fruits we plant. When see this unfortunate monkey, she felt sorry for it... Me too. :(


  1. I always see dead cats on the road. It hurts my heart a lot. Same as to this monkey. Poor thing. They just want to feed their family and continue survive. Sometimes human are really heartless creature.

  2. >>> Jerine <<<
    Me too.. It really hurt me that sometimes I will drop my tears.. I think the car driver also hit it accidentally as maybe it jumped to the road too sudden.

  3. pity the monkey... even how naughty it is... when it comes to death, I will sure be sad for them... go and make grave for him... don't let his body being abandon just like that... so pity one.. :(

  4. hello love your story

    i'm irsan indonesia

  5. >>> Amiey Alen <<<
    Yea.. Pity monkey. I felt sad too.. :(

    >>> irsangalih <<<
    Thanks for dropping by my little blog irsan. :)