Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday Flower of June - ROSE

The rose is the June birthday flower and it is a symbol of beauty and love. The hidden message of this flower varied according to the colour. The rose is defined as a flower and shrub of any species of the genus rosa. The name rose is derived from the Latin word rosa. There are more than a hundred species of wild roses available.
  • The red rose signifies 'I love you'.
  • The white rose stands for 'I am worthy of you'.
  • The orange rose stands for 'You are my secret love'.
  • The yellow rose means 'I am not worthy of your love'.
  • The pink rose signifies 'Please believe me'.
  • The white and red signify 'We are inseparable'.


  1. Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink!!!!!! I looooovee Pink!

  2. >>> Jerine <<<
    Pink is my fave colour too! ;)